I am watching Lost

“LOST items from the TV show featured on Syfy’s Hollywood Treasure tonight 10/9c #4815162342”

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We’ve got some great G.I. Joes in this July’s auction (Taken with instagram)

Foil Advance One-sheet poster for Superman: The Movie and Atom Man Vs. Superman “Chapter One” one-sheet poster, both available in this July’s auction.

I am thinking about G.I. Joe

“With Joe Maddalena cataloging G.I. Joe figures for the upcoming Dreier Collection Auction”

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Who would you “call” when you need one of these? And what type of things do you trap with it?

In this line of work, we never know what’s going to roll in! (Taken with instagram)

I liked and reviewed Hollywood Treasure

“Here is the official Press Release for the Christopher Reeve & Marlon Brando Superman: The Movie costumes up for auction this summer from the Dreier Collection. As seen in the first episode of Hollywo…”

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